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Only projects that meet the high bar set by our quality criteria are made available for purchase on our platform, so you can be confident your budget goes towards meaningful climate action.

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Our robust procurement process and due diligence allows you to mitigate costs, reduce credit performance risks, and address market uncertainties. Get the FAQ.

Ensure your credits are only from high-quality projects. Every project in our curated portfolio is evaluated against our high-quality criteria, giving you some of the best credits on the market.

Guard against risks. Our vetting process derisks projects. While each project type may still have inherent risks, like the risk of natural disasters, our diverse portfolio reduces risk and only includes high-quality projects.

Invest in innovation. Hybrid carbon removal projects may have strong durability but higher costs per ton than nature-based solutions. A mixed portfolio provides a cost efficient option that also helps lower costs of carbon removal by investing in emerging carbon removal technologies.