Raising the bar for high-quality carbon removal

We developed the Criteria for High-Quality Carbon Dioxide Removal in partnership with Microsoft to raise the bar for quality in the carbon market. By applying these principles in our multi-stage review process, we work to ensure that each carbon removal credit in our portfolios has its targeted climate impact.

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Additionality and baselines

Makes a real climate impact with your investment

Carbon accounting method

Accurately represents tonnes of CO2


Keeps CO2 out of the atmosphere


Limits causing GHG emissions elsewhere

Harms and benefits

Safeguards communities against environmental harm

Environmental justice

Promotes equitable environmental decision-making

Monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV)

Adheres to regulations and protocols with long-term monitoring

High-quality by design

At Carbon Direct, our goal is to help our clients build and implement plans to reduce and remove their carbon emissions. To address hard-to-abate emissions, we vet, source, and structure portfolios of carbon removal credits that meet the highest standards in the market.

Real climate impact

Every tonne in our portfolios is robust, additional, and actively monitored for climate impact.

Backed by science

Trust in carbon credits that have been evaluated by our world-class scientists, technologists, and market experts. Every project evaluation that we do is led by dedicated scientific experts with a background in that technology vertical.

Diversified and derisked

Access carbon removal credit portfolios with nature-based, hybrid, and engineered credits that reduce risk and maximize climate impact.

Carbon removal solutions for your business

Whether you’re at the start of your carbon removal journey or are a long-standing purchaser of carbon removal credits, our carbon removal portfolios can integrate with your decarbonization strategy and deliver high quality climate impact.

Each portfolio is diversified to include a range of projects that maximize climate benefits and reduce risks. Our expertise across nature-based, hybrid, and engineered solutions allows us to incorporate the highest quality credits from across carbon credit technologies.

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Curated portfolios

With our curated portfolios, you can immediately access high-quality carbon removal credits that are pre-vetted and structured in recommended portfolios.

Bespoke portfolios

Want a custom portfolio? Work with our Advisory team to build a portfolio that is unique to your business needs.

Embed carbon removal into your business

Our API allows you to integrate carbon credits from our portfolios directly into your platform. Manage your credit inventory and transactions at scale across one-time purchases or subscription programs.

Whether you have hard to abate emissions from your supply chain, eCommerce marketplace, or employee travel, the Carbon Direct API enables you to seamlessly neutralize those emissions with curated removal credits.

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Solutions built to accelerate your journey to net zero


Activate your climate strategy through carbon footprints.

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Create a strategy with actionable steps to reduce your footprint.

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Climate justice

Build equitable practices into your climate action plan.

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