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Antaeres Antoniuk-Pablant, PhD

Antaeres Antoniuk-Pablant, PhD

Senior Decarbonization Scientist

Carbon Utilization + Electrochemistry + Bio-Electrochemical Systems + Organic Chemistry

Dr. Antoniuk-Pablant is a research scientist focusing on decarbonization, CO2 conversion, and solar energy harvesting.

Dr. Antaeres Antoniuk-Pablant strives to combine her expertise in multiple fields of chemistry to decarbonize industry. Her expertise spans catalysis, electrochemistry, bio-electrochemistry, organic chemistry, chemical engineering, materials science, photophysical/photochemistry, and analytical chemistry. As a Senior Decarbonization Scientist at Carbon Direct, Antaeres works with clients to achieve their goals regardless of the complexities encountered. Antaeres also executes deep technical diligence to understand new technologies.

Background & Bio

Dr. Antoniuk-Pablant received her BS from UC Santa Cruz in Chemistry with a focus on environmental chemistry, and subsequently worked in three analytical chemistry labs at the university. She received her PhD in Organic Chemistry from Arizona State University with professor Gust in 2015, where she designed, synthesized, characterized, and studied specialized organic dyes for research on electron transfer with respect to dye sensitized solar cells and solar energy harvesting. She completed her postdoctoral studies at Stanford University where she led an interdisciplinary research project with professor Jaramillo in collaboration with professor Spormann. Here she developed and investigated new methods for converting CO2 to useful chemicals or fuels through developing novel bio-electrochemical platforms which synergistically integrated electrochemical CO2 reduction with microbial metabolism. 


Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, Arizona State University

B.S. Chemistry with a focus on Environmental Chemistry, University of California Santa Cruz


Academic Success Award, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry 2015

George Yuen Memorial Award, Arizona State University Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, 2015, for outstanding graduate research in organic chemistry.

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