Jonathan Goldberg

CEO + Founder

Carbon Direct has grown significantly since we started in 2019 with the goal to scale carbon management through science and drive real climate impact. Over the past three years, our team has grown to over 60 people – including over 30 scientists – to answer the demand for high-quality and durable carbon management. We have worked with leading organizations around the world to help decarbonize their operations with lower carbon products and our clients are spending hundreds of millions of dollars on carbon credits and removals.

But the work is just getting started. Carbon Direct is positioned to help even more clients turn their climate goals into climate action while continuing to build our diverse, global team.

That is why we are thrilled to announce that Carbon Direct has raised $60MM in Series A funding from Decarbonization Partners – a partnership between Temasek and BlackRock, Inc. – and Quantum Energy Partners. Read the full press release here.

We will use this growth capital to accelerate our mission to enable organizations to monitor, reduce and remove greenhouse gas emissions.

The need for science-led carbon management has never been more apparent. To meet climate targets and avoid the worst impacts of climate change, all sectors of the economy must reduce emissions in addition to removing billions of tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere. As organizations around the country are working to remove their carbon emissions, it is critical that they know which strategies and technologies will enable them to achieve their climate goals.

Carbon Direct has always been science-first and in this next stage of growth we will be building on that foundation to enable any organization to achieve their climate goals with science-backed, end-to-end carbon management. With our growing platform of scientific advisory and software solutions, organizations can continue to tap into the expertise of the world’s best carbon scientists to reduce their carbon footprints and procure high-quality removals. Additionally, we now offer the ability to embed carbon purchasing backed by leading scientific experts directly into business platforms with our new API, enabling the direct purchasing of removals by customers.

Whether you are looking to analyze the carbon efficiency of sustainable aviation fuel or buy carbon removal tonnes from engineered or nature-based suppliers, Carbon Direct is dedicated to providing quality carbon management solutions that you can trust for real climate impact.

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