Elisse Roche

Senior Marketing Manager

We recognize that carbon removal is an essential part of meeting climate goals and will be working together with the First Movers Coalition to scale this technology.

The First Movers Coalition was launched in November 2021 by the World Economic Forum with U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate Change John Kerry with the goal of creating supplies of clean products and services through corporate commitments. As a global initiative, the Coalition leverages the collective purchasing power from companies to send a clear demand signal to scale technologies that are essential for the net-zero transition, like direct air capture and biomass carbon removal and storage. With now over 50 corporate partners in the coalition, the Coalition has announced at Davos a new program to scale commercialization of carbon removal services, as well as near-zero emissions aluminum production.

We are joining the First Movers Coalition as an Implementation Partner for the Carbon Removal Sector. As a carbon management firm that is working to transform the global economy with science-backed advisory and software services, Carbon Direct leverages deep industry knowledge and technical expertise to inform the goals of the First Movers Coalition members. This will include: evaluating carbon removal supply development against their Criteria for High-Quality Carbon Dioxide Removal, developed in partnership with Microsoft; recruiting corporate members to the Coalition; helping secure and purchase durable CO2 removal supply; and consulting with Coalition partner companies to fulfill their climate pledges across hard-to-abate sectors, such as cement, aviation, shipping, and steel.

“Carbon Direct is thrilled to work with the First Movers Coalition as an Implementation Partner of the Carbon Removal Sector,” says Jonathan Goldberg, CEO of Carbon Direct.

“We will be working closely with partners like Microsoft to advance the science of carbon removal, support the development of high-quality supply, and ensure that that supply is reaching corporate buyers. This is a fundamental step towards taking action to realize the net-zero transition.”

Learn more about joining the First Movers Coalition here.