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Kyle Arvisais

Kyle Arvisais

Forest Carbon Scientist

Forest Ecology and Management + Geospatial Analysis + Data Science + Environmental Science & Policy

As a Forest Carbon Scientist, Kyle’s primary responsibilities include reviewing forest carbon offset projects for clients, assessing registry methodologies, and providing insight regarding project review criteria. He is currently managing the effort to expand geospatial tooling for Carbon Direct’s project review process.

Kyle’s career in forest carbon offset markets began as a consulting forester working under contract for NSF International conducting IFM verifications through the California ARB protocol as their biometrician. During this same period, he was also under contract with Pachama to help in their forest modeling efforts before his role with the company gradually expanded into project reviews and other tasks, eventually resulting in a full-time position. 

After more than three years at Pachama, Kyle transitioned to Renoster to continue reviewing projects while expanding into more geospatial analysis, quantifying durability, and scaling the company’s review process by integrating a systematic coding infrastructure. 

Kyle joined Carbon Direct in January 2024. Prior to working in forest carbon, he held positions with the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection as a seasonal forester, the Penobscot Experimental Forest as their interim forester, and as a consulting forester in Connecticut working with small landowners and utility companies.


BA, History
Central Connecticut State University

BS, Natural Resources
University of Connecticut

MF, Forestry
University of Maine