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Justine Davids

Justine Davids

Senior Associate

Justine Davids is a Senior Associate at Carbon Direct.

She works closely with Dr. Julio Friedmann to help clients solve major technical challenges around carbon management and CO₂ removal.

Background & Bio

Ms. Davids recently worked with Carbon Direct Capital Management as Investor Relations Manager and Associate to assist with fundraising, engage with their vast investor network, and screen potential investments. In addition, she worked as a Client Project Manager for Carbon Direct Inc. to assist clients in achieving their decarbonization goals.

Prior to Carbon Direct, she collaborated with experts from around the world as Research Assistant to Dr. Jennifer Wilcox. Her work on the CDR Primer, as well as other scientific contributions, focused on different CO₂ removal and reduction strategies.


BS, Chemical Engineering
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

MS, Material Science and Engineering
Worcester Polytechnic Institute