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Hattie Whittaker

Hattie Whittaker

Research Associate

Carbon Markets + Environmental Science & Policy + Net Zero Strategy

As a Research Associate at Carbon Direct, Hattie works with clients to advise them on science-aligned carbon reduction and removal strategies.

Hattie started her professional sustainability career calculating carbon footprints for clients across various industries, including LCA calculations. She worked with her team to translate these footprints into actionable Net Zero strategies for clients, with a cost-benefit analysis of decarbonization programs.

After getting a solid foundation in carbon accounting, Hattie broadened her experience by helping clients to report their sustainability progress through SBTi target setting, CDP disclosure, TCFD (including Climate Scenario Analysis), CSRD and sustainability reports (GRI and SASB).

Across her career supply chain sustainability has been an area of interest and expertise, supporting clients on supply chain engagement and implementation of both reduction and removal strategies.

Throughout her career Hattie has advised the development of sustainability platforms at three different companies, helping to build out sustainability features, such as carbon accounting, target setting and supply chain engagement features for clients to streamline their processes.


BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences