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Emily Kyker-Snowman, PhD

Emily Kyker-Snowman, PhD

Senior Soil Scientist

Soil Carbon + Enhanced Rock Weathering + Biodiversity + Peatland and Wetland Restoration + Ecological process modeling

Dr. Emily Kyker-Snowman uses her experience in quantifying carbon in complex ecosystems to develop rigorous agricultural and nature-based solutions.

As a Senior Soil Scientist at Carbon Direct, Dr. Kyker-Snowman works with the Landscape Decarbonization team to produce actionable insights for clients into the complex challenges of measuring and projecting future carbon storage in natural systems.

Background & Bio

Dr. Kyker-Snowman is an expert in quantifying and modeling changes in soil carbon. She has a broad background in engineering and ecology and specific expertise in soil biogeochemical modeling and soil carbon measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) protocols. 

Dr. Kyker-Snowman joined Carbon Direct following a postdoctoral position at the Yale Applied Science Synthesis Center, where she worked with industry and NGO partners to quantitatively compare and understand critical differences between soil carbon MRV protocols. 

Dr. Kyker-Snowman earned her Ph.D. in soil biogeochemistry and Earth system modeling at the University of New Hampshire. Her Ph.D., which was supported by a U.S. National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, focused on the development and evaluation of a new model of soil carbon and nitrogen cycling that includes microbial population dynamics and soil fractions. She earned her B.A. in Ecology and Engineering and B.E. in Environmental Engineering from Dartmouth College. 


Ph.D. in Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of New Hampshire

B.E. in Environmental Engineering, Dartmouth College

B.A. in Engineering and Biology, Dartmouth College


University of New Hampshire Dissertation Year Fellowship (2020)

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (2016)