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Becca Morrow

Becca Morrow

Senior Research Associate

Carbon Markets + Blue Carbon + Biodiversity + Peatland and Wetland Restoration

Becca Morrow combines technical expertise with an academic background in carbon cycling processes and international standards.

Becca has an extensive background in carbon markets and policy, utilizing academic experience to guide stakeholders through carbon market complexities to develop robust carbon removal projects. Prior to her role at Carbon Direct, Becca leveraged her experience in major AFOLU standards to develop carbon projects globally, working with diverse stakeholders to build bottom-up, community-driven carbon projects focusing on equitable benefit distribution schemes, quality FPIC procedures, and robust, site-specific risk mitigation measures developed in tandem with community members. 

Becca is an Erasmus Mundus scholar, holding a Master’s degree in International Marine Biological Resources from Ghent University and a dual Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Philosophy from Florida State University. Her research focus concentrated on the impact of tidal restoration on carbon cycling processes in coastal ecosystems and modeling carbon transport from mesozooplankton grazing and the biological pump in a changing climate.


MSc International Marine Biological Resources
IMBRSea, Ghent University

BSc Environmental Science

BA Philosophy


Erasmus Mundus Scholar