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Avantika Singh

Avantika Singh

Senior Carbon Removal Engineer

Biomass Carbon Removal and Storage (BiCRS) + Direct Air Capture (DAC) + Point Source Capture + CO2 Utilization

Avantika is a Senior Carbon Removal engineer on the Science and Advisory Team at Carbon Direct.

Background & Bio

As part of the science and advisory team, Avantika works with clients to advise them on carbon reduction and removal strategies that span a range of technologies, including direct air capture, bioenergy with carbon capture and storage, and carbon utilization, by performing due diligence (technical, commercial, sustainability, and operational) on these projects. Sto her role at Carbon Direct she brings experience in the private sector, government, academia, and research, focusing on green manufacturing and sustainability since 2010. She leverages her professional experience in engineering and research to make actionable recommendations to drive climate action.

Prior to joining Carbon Direct, Avantika was a senior research engineer at the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL), with expertise in techno-economic, sustainability, and market analysis. She focused on biomass conversion technologies for biofuels, biochemicals, and bioplastics, including investigating pathways for recycling existing plastics. She has published peer-reviewed articles on the techno-economic analysis and life cycle assessment on these topics. She was selected to join the Department of Energy’s (DOE) accelerator program, Energy I-Corps, as an entrepreneurial lead to explore the commercialization of cleantech (plastic recycling technology), do customer discovery, and build go-to-market strategies. She is an expert in bottoms up process modeling of current and new chemical processes, estimating costs, and de-risking projects.


B.Tech., Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT- Kanpur)

M.S., Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, University of Houston (UH)


Member, American Chemical Society (ACS) and American Institute of Chemical Engineers

President’s Award and Key Contributor Awards, NREL

Excellence in Graduate Polymer Research, ACS

External Associate/TEA Expert, Stanford University’s Office of Technology and Licensing