What's in a footprint?

Operations. Employees. Partners. Customers. Suppliers. Facilities. All of these (and more) contribute to your carbon footprint. Some of the most common sources of emissions are intuitive. Others are complicated and unique to your operations.

We use our scientific expertise and industry experience to evaluate every facet of your emissions and uncover hidden sources so there are no surprises, and fewer risks.

Goods and services

Everything your business spends money on has associated greenhouse gas emissions. Goods (like furniture and electronics) and services (like legal and HR vendors) contribute to your business' footprint.

Business travel

In the US, transportation accounts for 29% of greenhouse gas emissions and business travel accounts for one-fifth of domestic travel. [Source: Sustain.life]


Buildings and offices account for over 40% of global energy usage — and a third of total greenhouse gas emissions. [Source: D+C]


Global shipping accounts for 3% of the world’s carbon emissions. If no action is taken to reduce this, it could account for 10% or more within the next few years. [Source: European Commission]


Transportation is the single largest source of emissions in the US, and work commuting accounts for about 30% of all miles driven in the states. [Source: Sustain.life]

Scalable for any organization

When it comes to a carbon footprint, there is no one-size-fits-all. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to measure even the most complex emissions profiles.

Activate your climate strategy

We combine machine and human intelligence to give you a clear estimate of your footprint so you know what to do next. Our platform and APIs gather all the right inputs to give you a high-quality output. Every footprint is reviewed by our experts for accuracy and consistency.

Visualize your footprint

Easily visualize and share your carbon footprint to drive climate action. Customizable reporting allows you to break down categories and export visuals and to share progress with stakeholders.

Take informed climate action

Set priorities and take action that works for your business. Custom benchmarking leads to actionable goals. Easy-to-understand reporting keeps everyone–company leaders, employees, your board, and your partners—aligned and engaged.

Solutions built to accelerate your journey to net zero


Create a strategy with actionable steps to reduce your footprint.

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Purchase high-quality removal credits with real climate impact.

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Climate justice

Build equitable practices into your climate action plan.

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