Danan Margason

Chief Product Officer

Every company deserves resources and knowledge to deliver on climate commitments—but the skills, budget, and time necessary to act on climate goals are often only available to large enterprises. At Carbon Direct, we’re changing that.

Since 2019 we’ve focused on bringing scientific integrity and transparency to carbon accounting and removal programs. We developed rigorous standards for effective carbon removal in partnership with Microsoft, and have worked with leading companies like Shopify, Alaska Airlines, BlackRock, and Scope3 to help drive climate goals. In addition, we’ve built a team of experts to help today’s enterprises develop and execute meaningful carbon reduction strategies. Now, with the launch of The Carbon Direct Platform, we’re expanding access to that expertise for all organizations, no matter where they are on their climate journey.

Current Carbon Management Barriers

Fifty-eight percent of Fortune 500 CEOs say they have a plan to achieve net-zero emissions. Reducing emissions is also a top priority for 80% of small and medium sized businesses, according to a recent Meta report. Asset managers, as well, recognize the importance of achieving net zero.

Lowering emissions makes economic sense: Governments around the world are adopting new emissions rules and regulations, and both customers and shareholders are increasingly demanding effective, measurable climate action. At the same time, there are consequences for getting climate action wrong. Aside from investor and customer fallout, a recent analysis by the London School of Economics notes a rising trend of greenwashing lawsuits—a consequence of failed or misrepresented actions toward climate goals.

The challenge is that while aspirations are high, most companies haven’t started tackling their emissions in earnest. Sixty-eight percent of small and medium businesses admitted that resource limitations were preventing them from taking climate action, citing a lack of skills, funds, time, and competing priorities, according to a survey conducted by SME Climate Hub.

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The Carbon Direct Platform

Working with our climate science, carbon accounting, and policy experts, we’re proud to launch the Carbon Direct Platform to help solve these challenges. Our carbon management software is built to help businesses eliminate resource gaps that prevent them from taking climate action.

The platform is built around a three-step approach to carbon management, each equally necessary to meet climate goals: Measure, Reduce, and Remove. With the Carbon Direct Platform, organizations can:

  • Get an auditable carbon emissions footprint that’s fully vetted and backed by our carbon accounting experts, with domain expertise across industries and emissions types.

  • Access reductions strategies that identify and prioritize specific projects to reduce direct and indirect emissions—without disrupting business operations.

  • Purchase high-quality carbon removal credits rigorously vetted by our team of more than 30 carbon removal experts like Dr. Julio Friedmann, Dr. Meera Atreya, Dr. Sarah Federman, and Dr. Matthew Potts.

The ability to show emissions sources, manage reduction priorities, and easily purchase and trace carbon removal credits in a simple software interface gives more companies defensible, effective carbon management strategies that hold up to customer, shareholder, and regulatory scrutiny.

Making Climate Science Accessible

Carbon Direct was built on a foundation of scientific integrity that we felt was missing from the carbon management market. We’re committed to making climate science, climate policy, and environmental justice understandable and actionable. Our aim is to bring transparency and honesty to an opaque market by creating a platform that makes climate action possible for all.

Climate progress is both urgent and necessary, but with effective policy, innovation, and the right tools, it is attainable. Taking action for any individual or company is hard, but at Carbon Direct, we’re committing ourselves to breaking down barriers to success. The newly launched Carbon Direct Platform is just the start of a path toward more achievable climate action.