Nili Gilbert

Vice Chairwoman

Julio Friedmann, PhD

Chief Scientist

COP27 is underway in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt and Carbon Direct is here. We've seen in recent conferences that carbon removal is top of mind for many companies and governments. As a leader in carbon management, including carbon removal, we are proud to have our Vice Chairwoman Nili Gilbert and Chief Scientist Dr. Julio Friedmann onsite sharing their expertise throughout the event.

Please see the schedule* below for both in-person and remote broadcast presentations:






Time (EET)

Nov. 9

Nili Gilbert

Philanthropy as Catalyst for Climate Action

Presidential Zone, Blue Zone


10:00 AM

Nili Gilbert

Encouraging the Role of the Private Sector in Climate-Related Initiatives and Climate Transition

Main Stage, Blue Zone


4:00 PM

Nili Gilbert

Financing the Transition to Net Zero Panel

Hilton Sharks Bay Resort, Livestream

Columbia Business and Climate School

6:00 PM

Nov. 11

Julio Friedmann

Future Fuels: The Case for Hydrogen

The Climate Registry Pavilion

First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB)

9:00 AM

Nili Gilbert

The Role of Voluntary Carbon Markets in Net Zero

Area C, Delegation Pavilions 5, pavilion #123


10:00 AM

Julio Friedmann

Long-term potential of CO2 removal technologies: DACC and enhanced mineralization

Saudi Pavilion (Blue Zone)

12:00 PM

Julio Friedmann

CATF: Reimagining Global Energy Markets for a Zero-Carbon Future (Side chat)

Saudi Pavilion (Blue Zone)

1:00 PM

Nili Gilbert

Implementation Lab: Steel Breakthrough

Lotus Room, Breakthrough Lab, Blue Zone

WEF / UN Climate Champions

2:30 PM

Nov. 14

Julio Friedmann

Scaling Up Engineered Carbon Removals

IETA Pavilion | COP 27 Blue Zone


1:00 PM

Julio Friedmann

“Nature, Climate, and Societies: The Case for Planetary Repair"

Zero C Future Pavillion (Blue Zone),



2:20 PM

Nov. 15

Julio Friedmann

New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization

Japan Pavillion (Blue Zone)


3:00 PM

*Times and locations subject to change.