Carbon Direct’s science-based approach helped us select the projects that will make the greatest lasting impact on our community.”

Christian Herrmann

Climate Communications Specialist, Boulder County

After climate change-related weather patterns ignited the most destructive wildfire in Colorado’s history, Boulder County decided to take action by combating global climate change on a local scale. The 2021 Marshall Fire made it clear that developing local carbon removal and resilience solutions is critical to the health, safety, and economic wellbeing of county residents.

Boulder County began with their Climate Innovation Fund in recognition of the fact that local government resources need to be mobilized in order to advance climate adaptation strategies for increased resilience. Boulder County sought to model how local governments can incorporate carbon removal projects into their sustainability plans, and are now encouraging other local governments to do the same.

In a joint report with Carbon Direct and the 4 Corners Carbon Coalition, Boulder County has documented the best practices for place-based carbon dioxide removal (CDR) projects. The playbook offers local governments a four-part framework for implementing high-quality and equitable CDR projects that take into account both community resources and priorities.

Download the Best Practices Playbook

"This initiative is an essential building block towards confronting the reality of the impacts of climate change in our daily lives and creating foundations of resilience and sustainability in our communities."

Sarah Federman, PhD

Director of Landscape Decarbonization

A.J. Simon

"Climate change is not in the distant future. It's happening today. That's why our work to support innovation at the regional level, where climate mitigation and resilience solutions are deployed, is so important."

A.J. Simon

Head of Industrial Decarbonization

We need to continue to invest in rapid emissions reductions and the critical counterpart of restoring our atmosphere through carbon dioxide removal if we are serious about supporting the solutions needed to meet our climate goals.”

Susie Strife, Boulder County

Director of Sustainability

With Carbon Direct, we're excited to be working together to develop a playbook of best practices around sustainable community development, carbon dioxide reductions, and governance strategies for the net-zero future.”

Christian Herrmann, Boulder County

Climate Communications Specialist