What is environmental and climate justice?

At Carbon Direct, we are working to integrate environmental and climate justice into every element of work—in our culture, operations, software, and client engagements.

Climate justice

Climate justice responds to the disproportionate impacts of climate change on low-income and marginalized communities around the world, the people and places least responsible for climate change.

Environmental justice

Environmental justice addresses the equitable distribution of environmental benefits and harms as well as meaningful involvement of all stakeholders in environmental decision-making.

Defining environmental justice metrics in the carbon market

Our criteria for environmental justice is a core component of our broader Criteria for High-Quality Carbon Removal. Developed by our Head of Climate Justice, Dr. Christian Braneon, the Criteria outlines six key metrics for advancing environmental justice. Each of those metrics is quantified through a rigorous assessment as part of our due diligence.

Job creation

Worker compensation

Environmental benefits

Environmental burdens

Community engagement

Community benefits

Build equity into your climate action plan

Learn from the climate justice experts. Understand the principles of climate justice and environmental justice, and discover how your business can advance environmental and climate justice. Work with our climate justice experts to identify community stakeholders, conduct environmental and climate justice analyses, and build meaningful community engagement strategies that meet your emission targets and broader ESG goals.

Explore climate advisory services

Learning sessions

Understand the foundations of climate and environmental justice. Learn about why climate justice should be a critical part of your carbon management strategy, and what meaningful community engagement looks like.

Community engagement services

Developing carbon removal credits? Work with our climate justice experts to center community voices, identify meaningful community benefits and achieve equitable outcomes.

Impact reporting & disclosures

Share your environmental and climate justice impact with accuracy. Whether you’re creating an ESG report or supporting a decarbonization plan, work with our climate justice team to communicate your story.

Discover high-quality carbon removal credits

Verifiers and carbon standards don’t always account for the risks that can come with carbon credits. We do. Every carbon credit in our portfolios is evaluated against our criteria for high-quality carbon removal.

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Cover images of two Boulder County best practices publications

Environmental justice in practice: Boulder County

In a joint report with Carbon Direct and the 4 Corners Carbon Coalition, Boulder County has developed a playbook on place-based carbon removal strategies. Discover best practices on how to design climate action plans that advance environmental justice.

Download the Best Practices Playbook

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