Where to get started reducing your emissions

Your carbon footprint is unique to your business. Your emissions reduction strategy should be too. Carbon Direct provides reduction recommendations for all stages of your journey—from quick wins like energy conservation to long-term operational changes like switching to sustainable vendors.


Aviation is the third largest source of emissions from the transportation sector in the US. Our team of experts and our clients like Alaska Airlines understand the importance of scaling innovations like sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to decarbonize air travel. [Source: RHG]


The tech sector emits 2-3% of global greenhouse gas emissions annually. Carbon Direct is proud to work with leading software providers like Shopify, Microsoft and ZenDesk in support of their decarbonization journey. [Source: UN Environment Programme]

Banks and financial services

From financial management services and investors to banks and credit card companies, many organizations across the industry like BlackRock rely on Carbon Direct for expertise.

Advertising and media

Just because your business is online doesn’t mean you’re not emitting carbon–Carbon Direct customer Scope3 knows this well. Major emission contributors include everything from shipping and packaging vendors to data servers.

Reduction solutions tailored to your business

Every organization is different. We tailor reductions strategies to your specific operations so that ambitious decarbonization becomes attainable.

Identify reduction opportunities

Building a smart reductions strategy starts with an accurate estimate of your footprint. Our platform and APIs gather data from across your operations to build a comprehensive picture of your emissions. Every footprint is then put through a rigorous review to ensure it reflects the latest science on measuring and understanding emissions.

Take action to reduce emissions

Emissions change over time, and sources vary depending on everything from travel requirements, to office occupancy, to supply chains. Our experts track your emissions profile to identify new reduction strategies for tangible progress.

Monitor your progress

Compare emissions reduction progress year-over-year to assess impact and meet your goals. Identify new opportunities to reduce both direct and indirect emissions across your operations.

Solutions built to accelerate your journey to net zero


Activate your climate strategy through carbon footprints.

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Purchase high-quality removal credits with real climate impact.

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Climate justice

Build equitable practices into your climate action plan.

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