Micah Macfarlane

Micah Macfarlane

Vice President, Head of Commercialization

Micah Macfarlane leads Carbon Direct’s commercial teams, scaling high quality solutions for carbon management.

Specifically, Micah helps clients engage in the carbon market to secure, grow and integrate the highest quality carbon management solutions into their climate plans and businesses.

Background & Bio

Over the course of his career, Micah has structured and negotiated >$2B in deals for supply creation and built supply deals and rollouts in over 90 countries.

Prior to joining Carbon Direct, Micah worked as Principal in Energy Private Equity with the SUN Group leading renewables, EV and alternative fuel investments. Micah also spent a decade developing Advance Market Commitments, public/private partnerships, and investment structures for vaccines and other medical products – leading programs with the Gates Foundation Strategic Investment Fund, the Asian Development Bank, and the Clinton Health Access Initiative.



Harvard Business School




Horace W. Goldsmith Fellow

John H. McArthur Fellow

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