Dave Lee, PhD

Science Advisor

Blue Carbon + Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement (OAE)

Dr. Dave Lee is a Science Advisor for nature-based solutions.

Dr. Lee provides technical advice on emerging bio-based carbon removal technologies, either for potential investment opportunities or as sources of carbon offsets.

Background & Bio

Dr. Lee is a plant molecular biologist, and has been working with the U.S. Department of Energy’s ARPA-E to develop novel technologies in the agricultural and biotechnology fields. These include technologies ranging from enhanced bioenergy crops to sensors and models to accurately quantify GHG fluxes in agricultural environments.

Dr. Lee has experience with agricultural systems in both terrestrial and marine environments, which range from traditional row crops such as corn to macroalgae. He is currently investigating synthetic biology and other interdisciplinary approaches to terrestrial carbon biosequestration (carbon farming).



UC San Diego


Harvey Mudd College