Scaling carbon management with carbon science

We are a purpose-driven carbon management firm dedicated to making carbon science actionable with our end-to-end platform.

Our Mission

Enable organizations to reduce, remove, and utilize their emissions with carbon science


We believe that applying science is the only way to solve the climate crisis

Scientific expertise is critical to both effective and efficient carbon management – yet it can be hard to access outside of the academic and public sectors. New research and technologies emerge everyday in our nascent industry and it can be difficult to know what actions to take to achieve your climate goals. Carbon Direct is working to address these challenges by:

  • Building a world-class science team of carbon experts
  • Analyzing existing and proposed policy regulations
  • Applying science with real-world market experience
  • Translating our expertise into accessible software solutions


Science-first, climate-first

Carbon Direct was founded in 2019 to drive real climate impact by scaling carbon management through science. Our team brings together deep experience and expertise in carbon science and policy, as well as commercial markets and technology.

Our founding framework is to lead with a science-first, climate-first approach that brings together multiple disciplines to help our clients reach their climate goals. That ethos drives our work with leading organizations in industries like energy, transportation, and government. Over the past three years, our team has grown to over 60 people – including over 30 scientists – to answer the demand for high-quality and durable carbon removal. Our clients are working to decarbonize their operations with lower carbon products and are spending hundreds of millions of dollars on carbon credits and removals, and together represent over 100 million tonnes of carbon removal demand.

But the work is just getting started. Carbon Direct is positioned to help even more clients turn their climate goals into climate action while continuing to build our diverse, global team.

"Carbon Direct means a commitment to a science-first approach to carbon management. That requires applying a practical lens to one of the world's biggest challenges."

Jonathan Goldberg

CEO + Founder

"For carbon credits to be able to serve their role, there needs to be a focus on high-quality removals that are financing high-quality credits. And that is what we focus on in our work at Carbon Direct."

Nili Gilbert

Vice Chairwoman

Meet your climate goals. Start now.